Heat issue with my card?

So for starters, my laptop has always had heat issues. I could melt chocolate with it just by putting it next to it. I now run it on a cool master cooling pad for laptops. It's an HP, so they've fixed it when it's broken in the past, but it's getting ridiculous. I'm barely running Skyrim on 800x600 low settings. But I have an i5 processor, 8gb of RAM, and a Radeon 5650m. (Which isn't a supercard, but is capable) so I guess my question is, Is my extreme heat issue destroying my performance? If so I have an alternative.
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  1. Use something like coretemp and msi afterburner to see your cpu and gpu temps while playing games and find out.

    That is a very very very very low performance card, very. very.
  2. yes, if it overheating, the performance would be suffer
  3. Hello,

    The alternative is to clean the dust gathered between the cooler's fins and to change the thermal compound between CPU/GPU and the cooling system:


    Unfortunately you must dismantle the laptop to do that...
  4. I was actually considering manually mounting all of the components of my laptop in a desktop case and then putting a much more powerful aftermarket cooler on the GPU and cpu. Also, they were getting up to 70C° each before I couldn't even record the temperature correctly anymore
  5. And yeah I know it's low power, but it has enough to play skyrim on high in most videos
  6. ILoveYouTaco said:
    And yeah I know it's low power, but it has enough to play skyrim on high in most videos

    Honestly, I find that hard to believe on that GPU.
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