What t power supply do I need?

Hi I am wondering if my power supply is too small for my gaming rig. My specs are-

-Intel i5 4690k
-Asus z97-a motherboard
-Sapphire toxic r9 280x (recommended 750 watt power supply
- 2 corsair vengeance low profile ddr3 ram
- Seagate 500 gb hybrid drive
- 1 lg optical drive
- 3 1200rpm case fans
- cooler master hyper212 evo

My current power supply is a 750watt Evga supernova g2.
Can someone possibly put this into a watt calculator and see if my power supply is too small
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    You're perfectly fine , your PSU is one of the best in the market so never mind about whats recommended for the GPU , Most of the time the manufacturers say something thats so unrealistic in order to avoid any problems however the card at max load wouldn't even use as much as 320W
  2. TopLuca is absolutely right.
  3. Thanks for the help everyone
  4. u have more than enough power for your system ....280x needs 30amps @12+ volts and a minimum of 550watt psu so you are more than okk .......
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