Please help with 8.1 OEM product key

Hello everyone,
I recently bought windows 8.1 for my new build and i figured I would save a few dollars by buying an OEM from newegg. Only problem is I cannot seem to find the product key anywhere and I looked all over. There are 25 digits on the front with a little key next to it but they arent working and I have no idea why. So close to completing this build :(
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  1. These 25 digits and letters are your key.
    It should work. Make sure you type them in the correct order as stated.
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    Those are the key. Now that key is tied to that OEM and that motherboard, if you are trying to install it on a different computer it will not work.

    If it is the same computer then look for typos. Microsoft has made the font smaller, and chose one that is hard to tell the difference between B and 8, 0 and O, I and 1 etc etc, and that black ink on blue background for some stickers is another brilliant addition. Top Notch Microsoft, Top Notch. (Ok I will quit ranting now).
  3. Thanks guys that was the product key. I assumed so but holy hell why did they have to make it so hard to read! C looks like Q,G, or O depending on the lighting! Microsoft at it's finest. Thanks again!
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