Moving from INDIA to America, bought a Gaming PC here recently.I have doubt about operating voltage?

I bought a new RIG a year ago.Now i am planning to shift to US for my higher studies.I wish to take my CPU with me.So i want to know whether i can able to use it there or not?
In India we 230V but it in US they mostly use 115V.Can i run my PC there with out any problems?:(
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  1. What PSU does it have? The good ones will take voltage anywhere between 100 and 240 volts (sometimes even 90-260V), while bad ones will have a switch to choose between voltage levels, or possibly even only take a fixed voltage. You might also need a little bit of hardware to handle a different plug shape, but you could probably get that at a Radio Shack.
  2. i am having Corsair 550 PSU with me.Below is my CPU config:
    Inteli5-3570k,with ASSRock Z77 Chipset,asus 650TI boost,ripjaws 1600mHZ ram,Coarsair 550W PSU.
  3. If its a corasir VS550 you'll need a new PSU. The VS series is 220v only and wont work on 110v.
  4. Is that the Corsair CS550, RM550, or VS550? The first two take input voltage 100-240V, but the VS only takes 200-240V.
  5. Yes...:(
    its VS550, may be i need to buy a new one.
    Can you suggest me any thing under the same wattage?
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