i cant get my fan spped down on my graphics card

Hi guys i bought my card (HD 7870 about a year ago and i recently bought a second HD 7870 to run them in crossfire.
After i set up the crossfire configuration my system froze up on me and after i restarted the system i found that the card in the second slot fan was running at 100% all the time.
i tried using the AMD catalyst to bring the speed down but nothing happens i also tried using gpu tweak and many others i have tried changing the card slot and it still does not solve the problem can you guys please help
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    try msi afterburner
    you might want to take out the videocard in second slot and put it back in and make sure the card is in all the way and do the same for the cables.
  2. i have tried msi after burner and triple checked that the card is in place as well as the power cables are good and plugged in all the way i have also pot the card in another pc and it still runs the fan speed at 100% msi after burner tell me that the fan speed is running at 20% and the graphics card temp is at 29c
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