gtx 680 vs gtx 760 confuses me

isnt the 760 supposed to be better because of its series? (760>680 according to math)
680 has higher score and is more expensive, although it gets very low fps on crysis 3 for some reason why the gtx 760 gets around 60.
so why is the gtx 680 a better card than the 760? is it because its higher int he series (8 compared to 6) or what? the 780 is also newer.
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    The GTX 680 was last gens top end card... The GTX 770 is pretty much the GTX 680 rebranded with a slight overclock... The GTX 760 is just below the GTX 680 and GTX 770. The GTX 680 is more expensive than the 770 right now because they don't make the 680 anymore and people with a singel 680 are now trying to buy them for SLI... If you are looking to get a card do not even consider the 680... either get the GTX 760 or GTX 770.
  2. Math does not apply here.

    It works like this GeForce XYZ

    X = Generarion
    Y = Grade

    Y<5 is Budget
    5=<Y=<6 is Mainstream
    Y>=7 is Enthusiast

    Enthusiast cards from previous generations usually outperform Mainstream offerings from current generation, unless we are talking like 2-3 generations of difference.

    Z usually means a minor improvement, like slightly more shaders and such.

    Additions like Ti are considered Z too.
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