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I downloaded a small formatting program to format a micro sd card to fat32 but there were two options- the sdcard, and another unknown drive. Accidently clicked the latter, and without warning or time to do anything about it, windows shut down and now WONT BOOT!! says theres no bootable device.... Ive changed HDDs out and tried booting from another HDD through usb via satawire but it just wont read it.....I dont have an optical drive, nor do I have a windows 8 recovery disk. What can I do? Why was the "other" drive even an option to format??? Im pulling my hair out......
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    You may have deleted the System Reserved partition which contains boot files for Windows. It may show as unknown as there is no drive letter attached to it.
  2. indeed that sounds like whats happened. How to fix??
  3. You would need to get a hold of a Windows 8 Disk and when you boot off the DVD you need to tell it to repair your installation.
  4. I was afraid of that....and thank you for the feedback, much appreciated!!
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