Cannot activate windows 8.1 after reinstall

My Pc was at the shop to get fixed up. Got a new one as the old one was dead, so i asked them to reinstall windows for me. I got it back today and i noticed i cant use the "charms bar" (the thing one the right, when you go up in the corner and go down, couldnt find a name for it), in the way i use to, since i actually cant use it, because everytime i mouse click on any of the options it just disappears agian. I went into some of the pc options and im having trouble with getting my own windows account on the pc, as they just made one. But then i noticed it said i had to activate windows to configure, yet everytime i enter the code i got with the CD-rom, it just says it doesnt work. and somewhere i remember it saying that it was already in use on another PC.

Can anyone help with this?
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  1. Did you get a window 8 key or window 8.1 key?
    It has to be a window 8.1 key.
    If you make a major hardware change to your pc then you may need to call Microsoft to activate it. You can use the automated service or talk to an operator.
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    Assuming your Windows was an OEM version, you'll probably need to call microsoft and tell them you had a catastrophic PC failure (which will explain why your current PC profile doesn't match the one in their database), and can they please deactivate and reactivate your copy. This is assuming you still have the activation key. It's usually not a big deal, but if it was an OEM copy it was linked to your previous system and technically MS can tell you to pound sand and go buy a new copy.

    If you don't have an activation key, then you're probably going to buy a new copy. If your files transferred, it's possible the key is still in your system somewhere. You can download an run Belarc Advisor - if it's in there, Belarc can usually find it.
  3. Thank you both for the answers, i contacted the microsoft department here in denmark and they helped me out.

    On another note, i have a problem now (something that was still there when i wrote this thread) that my start button does not work, nor the charms bar (now disabled). When ever i left clicked on the any of the options on the charms bar, it would just disappear without anything happening, and same thing goes for the start menu button in the bottom left corner. Left clicking it does not open the start menu and right clicking on a specific area will give me the options, yet only on a very specific area on it. I asked the Microsoft employee, and he gave 3 things i could try, which are the following:

    run command: DISM.exe /Online /Cleanup-image /Restorehealth

    run command: sfc /scannow

    download and run:

    none of them worked, and i have since tried updating the GPU drivers, but still no result.

    Is that something any of you might be able to help with?
  4. Start a new thread for the new problem.
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