Amd fx 8350 & asus sabertooth 990fx cpu 100% with simple tasks

Hello i have re installed win 7 x64 ultimate everthing has the original drivers and upgraded when upgrade was availeble.

My problem is that the cpu gets to fast @100% when i start my game and the result is that my cpu ran easy up to 70°+

Does any1 know what this could be?

I also must say before re install i had this same game opened 27x and my cpu hanging arround 90% with a temp 65° and i did build this computer self
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  1. Just out of curiosity - why did you choose Windows 7 Ultimate? It's a lot more expensive than any other Windows version and wondering what function in it you required?

    If you open Task Manager, what tasks are shown to consume the CPU?
  2. Sro_client.exe thats the game i play.
    I choose ultimate due the fact i have more computers in my home network i wanned everything to be perfect so i choose ultimate
  3. Let me ask a different way. If you don't play the game, what's your CPU utilization? If the CPU is high solely because of your game, then there isn't much we can do about it.

    Actually, that's Silk Road's client - and you're running it 27 times? So you're running some Silk Road server and you're asking why the CPU utilization is high? can you print out a copy of task manages showing CPU and storage consumed? Do it both before and after you observe the issue. Make sure to click the "SHow pricesses from all users" button. Like this:
  4. it only makes my cpu fly only when game is opened 8 times within 5 mins cpu hanging 100% even with 4 times opened after 20 mins it will be 100% cpu usage

    once pc started up only 0 to 1 % by doeing nothing so the comp is stable
    its 100% sure that the game is doieng this

    and no after re install pc not capeble of running it more than 8 times

    i ran normaly 27 clients from that game if you want to know why google it :)

    all i consern is how to reduce cpu
    cause i cant figgur out why
    before install it was good
    and after install 3x times so bad

    maby someone has expierenced this aswell and knows how to fix this
  5. Best answer

    i made new installation again XD and found out that the previous partition wasnt deleted wich i was verry sure about that i had deleted this!!!

    i hope i help more ppl with my expierence in this!!

    close threat pls
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