AMD CPU temperature idle too hot?

Hi, i recently built my first gaming computer, and due to issues with money, i was unable to get a cpu cooler, which i though was no problem, but when my friend suggested i look at my temps, i see that I get 48-50c while idle, and worried when i do get into games, that it will just kill my cpu, my cpu is the AMD FX-6300 3.5GHz 6-Core Processor, and really just want to get this resolved fast as possible, the only thing i can think of is it either being because the computer is backed up towards the wall, or my cable management wasn't as good as i thought. thank you for responses, and have a nice day. Rest of the build:
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  1. That is a good case, you should be able to arrange the cables inside in order to have a better airflow.
    The stock cooler of that cpu can only do so much to keep it from overheating, AMD chips run hot and aftermarket coolers are required if you are going to use if for demanding tasks.
    However, just 40~50° C in idle seems quite high, it should be 30~40°C. How are your room temps?
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    Take a look at this:

    That was a lifesaver for me and my 5800K. Just read the whole page, and it really helps.

    I used Artic Silver 5 also, thought I screwed something up, thought the cooler wasn't on right- but then I checked with the software recommended in that article and it all made sense.

    Hope that helps :)
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