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So I used to have a i5 2500k paired up with a gtx 680 but recently my brother gave me a i7 3770k and a z77x-up7 mother board also paired up with gtx 680 . My problem is that on my old rig I would get much more fps on i5 2500k. Than on my new rig with the gtx 680 i7 3770k and z77x-up7
I have way less fps for example on minecraft on old rig it's and average of about 300 fps.
But on my new rig it's less than 100fps. Some one please help me
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  1. Not enough power? Overheating? I really have no idea why your getting such a performance drop. Also I've read online that i7 is basically identical to your old i5 for gaming purposes which is understandable considering the only difference between the two really is the hyper-threading which for gaming is practically useless considering core count matters much less.
  2. make sure the BIOS is all up to date and your drivers are re installed for that new hardware change
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    Check that your bro hadn't underclocked the CPU in the motherboard bios. As above as well, check the PSU and make sure it's powerful enough. A CPU change shouldn't make that much of a difference, but who knows?

    Also, check some differences in other games. If it's just minecraft you notice the differences in, it could just be an anomalous game/cpu combo. Besides, 100fps isn't exactly low. Unless you have a 120hz/144hz monitor, you won't even see the difference, as your monitor will probably show 60fps max
  4. a CPU change alone isnt a big deal but its a CPU+Mobo if im not mistaken. im thinking chipset drivers might need to be re installed from the new motherboard manufacture support page etc..
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