Can I put HD's I already own and have backup Data in a RAID box RAID5 and keep the data? They are Simple and I used to put th

Hi! I have 8 HD's that I use for backup. New, I put them in a dock, formatted them and just copied data to them. For redundancy, I sometimes copied the same info to 2 disks just in case 1 went bad. Can I now buy a 8 Bay RAID box, install my disks and use RAID 5 with OUT losing all the data?
Thanks for the help!
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    nope - when you build the RAID, it will require you to nuke the content. I know that's not what you wanted to hear, but it's true. I would sort through the content and see what is truly necessary and migrate that over to a large external drive, nuke the disks, setup the RAID array and copy the content over to the new storage target. I would go with a RAID 5+1 setup so you'll have 2 failures without killing the array, but that's just me being cautious - have had a 2nd disk fail before it finished copying the content over to a hot spare before so it was well worth that decision. Depending on how much money you want to spend, I like the Drobo B800FS - very user friendly user interface and setup was mind-numbingly simple. We have one at the office and even though it doesn't set a land speed record for IO, it's really reliable and easy to get stats and make changes.
  2. Thank you, game Junky! I had a feeling that was what I was gonna hear! I remember back when system files couldn't be backed ujp (I think it was because they were in use...) so they came up with Ghost software, etc, that allowed for it. I thought that maybe by now there might have been a work-around for this application.
    Thank YOU for the response!!!
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