Help with GPU and new computer, it wont show up when i start comp

Fx 6300
Mobo- 970a-ud3p gigbyte
psu- 600w corsair
hdd something idk what 1tb i forget name
optical same i forgot lol
8gb of corsair vengance
GPU- EVGA Gtx 760

I put the gpu into the 16 what ever its called ahaha anyway fans on i downloaded everything from the mobo cd that came with it, and downloaded everything from the gpu cd, but this is what i see-

also there is zero sound i installed VIA HD audio deck and what ever the cd had for me

did i insert the gpu into the correct slot? pci x16 cuz thats all itll fit in anyway as far as i know im noob though w.e first build
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    Your gpu is working since you can see a display but the drivers are outdated. Get the latest one from Nvidia.
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