Cant seem to get windows to boot from ssd

So I just bought an ssd, installed it into my laptop. kept the old hdd in (it has 2 drive bays). i cloned the hdd onto the ssd, went into bios and changed the setting to AHCI, and got the boot order with the secondary drive higher than the original (I assumed secondary was my new ssd, in this case.) i've also tried changing the boot order to primary drive first just to try it. I also went into registry and changed my ssd to the C: directory. But when i go into disk management, it still says that my old HDD is the boot drive. What am i forgetting to do?

My system is an Alienware 17, 750gb HDD and 240gb HyperX SSD, windows 7 64 bit.

Thanks in advance.
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  1. What did you use to clone the SSD? Did it clone the MBR (boot sector)? The boot sector may still be on the old HDD. Take out (or just disconnect) the old drive and see what happens. If the system can't find a boot drive, you may not have cloned the MBR.
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