Replacing my dell XPS 8300 motherboard

So, I started redoing my dell XPS. I decided to keep the I5 and case. I used a 500w EVGA PSU, 120gb ssd, 1tb hdd, MSI H61M-P31/W8 mobo, and a 750TI. My issue is that this Motherboard seems to small for the case. The case seems to have built in standoffs for the motherboard and they look off for my mother board. (to far off) I didnt want to take the motherboard inside it out if the new one wouldnt fit s motho I left it in the case and came to you guys! So can anyone comfirm the Dell XPS 8300 DOES have built in standoffs or not? Thanks. The motherboard:
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    If this is your Dell: has a std. mATX motherboard in it. It would be highly unprofitable for Dell to design a case that used proprietary MBs.
    The only difference I see is that the OEM board is a full width while the MSI is a shortened width. But that is no issue.
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