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I am going to be a freshman this fall and majoring in computer science. I was wondering if an i5 processor would be able to handle the workload of a CS Major. Only reason I am considering an i5 is because these are the only laptops with a decent graphics card for my price range (I will be gaming moderately and playing games like Titanfall, Minecraft, Dota 2, Watch Dogs, etc). This is the laptop I am currently looking at:
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    Coming from a CS major, you won't do programs large enough to tax a processor. For my entire first year I was using a 7 year old laptop (Celeron CPU I think) with Linux installed and it worked just fine for my classes. I've since moved on to an i7, but the difference in compute power is not at all noticeable and the only reason I got a new laptop was for light gaming on the go.
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