How much wattage I need for my system?

Hello. I bought a 850 watt power supply and it is the corsair hx850 to be exact... I am wondering if is enough:

I have:
Corsair 500r case
I7 4790k
2x R9 290x crossfire
1 ssd 256 GB
1 HDD 2tb 7200rpm
1 cd DVD drive
Asus z97 pro motherboard
2x8gb ddr3 ram corsair vengeance
H110 water cooler
2 led fans 120mm, 1 led fan 250mm, 2 140mm fans no led, and possibly looking to add 2 more fans.

Is the 850 watts enough? Can I overlock the CPU to around 4.5ghz without problem? Everything seems to be compatible on paper. Thanks guys!
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  1. It should be enough. You might be pushing it slightly I feel.
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    yea 850 watt would be fine if u run every thing at clock speed .....but for oc and safety i will recommend a 1000watt psu.....i7 4790k overclocked and at full load can consume upto 350 watt alone ...and 2x r9 290 at full load can consume uoto 500 watt so u may face problem while heavy gaming with 850 watt psu..
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