Need help finding the right motherboard

This is my first PC build so bare with me.
Right now my system is a
Cooler master haf xb (Case)
HP Narra5
AMD Athlon X4 645(best CPU for motherboard)
60gb Samsung SSD
Corsair 750w power supply

I know my motherboard is ancient. I want to go with a intel i7 4th gen. I want a motherboard that SLI ready and has lots of pcie x1 slots. For capture card and other things in the future. I would also like 3 or 4 Sata 3 connectors and the more fan connectors the better. Also I trying to use this system for gaming. Mostly Arma 2 CO/Dayz/bf4. My CPU is bottlenecking my gtx 770. Only get 30 frames barely on servers with no lag. So what motherboard should I get? I've been looking at the asus z97 pro. Let me know if I'm on the right track.
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  1. The ASUS Z97-A has the function for SLI or Crossfire. And yes you are definitely on the right track, it is an excellent motherboard, it can fit a maximum of 32GB of RAM and is an LGA 1150 that of course supports all Intel 4th Gen Processors.
  2. Would you say the asus z97-a is better than the asus z97 pro?
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    Tyler Watkins said:
    Would you say the asus z97-a is better than the asus z97 pro?

    The Z97 Por is pretty similar to the Z97-A according to the Intel website. But I don't think it is worth the extra hundred dollars to go for a PRO.
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