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Hi all first post here after viewing many forums this seemed like the best place to ask this question.

So after a PC overhaul and 90% finished the only part remaining is my new GPU, The reason for the upgrade is mainly the card is now a few years old and even though it still pulls its weight and has been truly amazing card ( Asus Direct CU II GTX 660 ) there are some games such as BF 4 and others that are starting to push the card a lot and with games such as The Division, The Crew, Star Citizen and No Man's Sky ( hopefully ) on the horizon I was going to go for the Nvidia GTX 780 TI, However after reading the news that Nvidia may be releasing the 800 series in October 2014 i decided to hold out till then but I read some news yesterday that the release had been delayed till Q4 2015, As this is just news and rumor at this point and nothing has yet to be confirmed or denied by Nvidia do you guys think its worth shelling out for the 780 TI now or wait till for the 800 series release confirmation? If that confirmation is indeed Q4 2015 would buying the 780 TI last me a couple of years till my next upgrade?

Thanks for reading and I appreciate any reply's.

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  1. Should be this year, and most reports put it at November. I'd say it's worth the wait, especially since some recent games have 2 GB and above textures.
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    It is foolishness to buy 780Ti now... 880 coming out in like 3 months. The current rumors state it will be cheaper, faster and have more VRAM than 780ti.
  3. Thanks for the input guys much appreciated.
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