Intel Core i5 4690k compatible with MSI Z87 G41 motherboard?

Hi guys,
I am in the process of purchasing parts for my gaming build, I already have the motherboard and I am deciding between these two CPU's

and here is my build,

I read on this article ( that my mobo was compatible with the 4690k if I updated the BIOS, but over sights have told me, like intels site, and pcpartpicker, have told me they are incompatible... Can anyone tell me the definitive answer to this question please?
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  1. No they aren't compatible, I think it's quite hard to update the bios, You can't get the devil's canyon either, I would personally just go for the 4670k if you already have the motherboard since that will have performance close the the 4690k
  2. you can do it, but to get it to work is quite hard
  3. legend001523 said:
    you can do it, but to get it to work is quite hard

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    It is compatible with a bios update. It isn't hard, but you are best just going with the 4670k. You would need another CPU to boot the system and update the bios with to use the 4690k.
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