UEFI Bios instantly comes up upon booting and will not exit.

I've looked around for a solution to this problem only to find one vaguely similar situation. The solution for them did not work for me sadly. My issue is that when I boot up my pc it goes through the asus logo screen and then directly to Asus UEFI Bios. I finished building my pc two days ago and this has occurred ever since I turned it on. I am unable to install Windows 8.1 because of the Bios. When I click exit it reboots but goes right back to the Bios. If you know the solution PLEASE help me I'm about to rip my hair out. By the way my mobo is a Asus Z87-k if that helps at all.

Also, in Asus UEFI Bios Ez-mode my ADATA 120GB SSD and Barracuda 1000GB HHD do not appear in the bar that says "Boot Up Priority" (or something to that affect).
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  1. the reason it won't go pass the BIOS because the drives are not detected.

    check your BIOS settings settings and cables. Make sure the SATA controller is not disabled in the BIOS.
  2. I went and checked to see if my SATA Controller was disabled but I couldn't find something labeled as such. I did however find "SATA Support" under the "Boot" tab. I enabled SATA Support to "All Devices". I saved the changes and restarted my pc only to have it bring me back to the BIOS. Is this option the same as SATA controller or is it different? If it is different would you know how I would find the SATA Controller?
  3. you need to go into the Advanced BIOS mode.

    in the Advanced menu you will find SATA Configuration

    make sure the SATA Mode Selection is not set to Disable
  4. I checked and the SATA Mode Selection was already set to AHCI.
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