Autostart SpeedFan WINDOWS 8.1

Since I want to control my fan speed and see my temps i installed SpeedFan.
BUT I can't put it to start auto with windows 8.1. I tried in someguides to put speedfan.exe in a folder of windows, etc, but when I startup my PC nothing goes on. :/
I think the problem is because the program needs to run as Administrator.

Its there a way of making this run proply? Sry about my english. :(
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  1. are you not the administrator?
  2. I am, but when I run the program, pop out a window and I need to press YES to give permissions.
  3. Right click the exe, hit properties, click RUN AS ADMIN
  4. I have tried this, and it never starts up.

    I did this months ago, and double checked to make sure I have the correct luck.
  5. Can I please bump this thread. I am having the same problem.

    I have added speedfan via startup program group, registery, and task scheduler and it still doesn't load on startup.
  6. Sure - I did some research and found and answer - read about it here:
  7. I moved my blog to a different host and engine. Here is the link now:
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