Will the MSI r9 280 and the XFX r9 280 work in crossfire?

Will the XFX r9 280a work in crossfire with the MSI r9 280? Because the XFX r9 280a has a higher clock and memory speed, but XFX doesn't have another card to match the r9 280.
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    Yes they will work in crossfire.
  2. Yes 100% for sure! Look at my signature. I run a Powercolor 7970 and an MSI 7950 in crossfire, and they work together without issue. Actually you can even crossfire a r9 280 with a 7950/7970/280x if you wanted since they all have the same tahiti core inside them. You just need to match the clocks so there is no issues.
  3. Yerp, its the same model.
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