Would a 21.5 inch 2ms monitor be good enough for 1080p gaming?

I have a £93 monitor ready to go and was wondering if it's 21.5 inch display will be enough? I can get a 24" for £111 but was just weary as I'm on a budget
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  1. personally I think 24' is the minimum that I will use. anything less just takes away from the experience.
  2. go for 24" Text may look to small on desktop with 21.5. But your choice. Most will say 24
  3. Right now I'm on a 19" HDTV and it's so blindingly bad D:
  4. Newegg is useless here, yes they ship to us but the price for tax and shipping almost doubles it
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    here are some deals that are in your country i believe.

    ben q 24" 5ms < $100 pounds

    this is the link with other offers:

    here are a couple more but just out of budget i believe:

    there seems to be a couple more here that are good from amazon, this is just a search with only 24":

    this is all that i could find outside of gumtree (used and cheap), but there are some good ben q and others there.

    I would really opt for the best 24" that you can afford and not to go over a 5ms response time, in my experience that is all that you really need and anything faster than this is for those with really keen eyes and who earn money doing competitive gaming.

    if there is anything else let me know and sorry for the wait time had to visit family while in town.
  6. 21 inches is fine. Considering tablets with much smaller screens as 1920x1080 and higher.
    Smaller screen = better pixel density
    But its true that text will be a bit small but if it is too bad you could increase the DPI but you shouldn't have too
  7. he is gaming oriented and the extra screen size makes a "big" difference in my opinion
  8. Gaming is one place where it does NOT make much difference. Atleast to me.
    I am on a 24 inch 1920x1080 monitor and it is just on the edge of too big.

    I loved my 17 inch 1440x900 monitor but it lacked enough screen space
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