How well would this run a game like Watch_Dogs?

Building my first computer, and I wondered how well I could run something demanding like Watch_Dogs or CoD Ghosts.

Motherboard: Asus A88XM-PLUS

Memory: 8 GB of Corsair Vengeance

APU: AMD FM2+ Kaveri A10-7700K Black Edition

Haven't listed PSU or HDD because that doesn't impact game performance (Right?)
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  1. Depends on the speed of your memory and the speed of the mobo memory controller, but it can run minimum settings at 1080p just fine.
  2. not good, barely playable on lowest settings 1080p
  3. cemerian said:
    not good, barely playable on lowest settings 1080p

    Most people use 1600MHz memory as point to make YOUR determination. However if you use 2400MHz memory you can gain up to 10fps, which puts my argument to use.
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