I cant control my cpu stock cooler (i7 4770k)

This is another topic i opned but its related to this:


I want to put it at 100% RPM but i cant!, i dont know what to do, even speedfan dosent allow me to do it, i change the fan profile in the BIOS and still CANT go up 1200 rpm, i dont know what to do i already updated my mobo BIOS:

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  1. I installed Intel extreme tunning utility and made a 1 minute stress test, the cpu went 100º and i could never hear the fan working, NEVER, this is driving me nuts how is possible that fan always stays on idle?
  2. Is the fan power cord plugged into the mobo?
  3. Yes it is, its spinning but only at 1000 +/- rpm which i have found its like the lowest rpm of the fan...
  4. I need help please!!!!

    Now i just opened the case to check everything is fine, this problem is software related not hardware related im sure of it since i restarted my pc and i could hear the cpu fan at full speed and even on the BIOS was at 2400 RPM which is like at 30% of its maximum speed.
  5. Ok your mobo should have come with a program called AIsuite or something like that you should be able to control the fan speed from there. There is an opton sometimes it looks like a graph where you manually set speeds of the fan at certain temps. Also make sure your fan is seated properly because 100c is very high temps.
  6. I hope that helps im doing the instalation right now i will report my results, i remeber i had one similar software called "t-power" for a biostar mobo i had.
  7. Well i installed it and i can get the cooler to go to 2500 rpm.... BUT, and a big BUT, i cant still hear it like when i start my system and even the BIOS at 2500 rpm is showing me a bar at like 35% of its maximun speed at 2500rpm, whoever this software says 2500 its its maximum, it isnt, i am reading on the net and another guy had a similar problem with windows 7 after upgrading from windows xp, windows 7 couldnt detect its true maximum fan rpms, what to do now?.
  8. And you are certain it is physically spinning correct? Because the priority here is to get those temps down. You may have a bad fan. I would suggest getting a better cooler than the stock cooler tbh regardless. I just hate those stock coolers.

    But take a peak in there make sure the fan is spinning when you are in windows.
  9. Yes is spinning, i mean im not that stupid lol.

    Still i dont understand how is possible that the fan is not spining at the max speeds only at 2500rpm and only if i use the asus software, but im certain that i can hear the fan at full speed when i restart the computer and i dont get anything near that.
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