PSU Rating and AMD CrossfireX

Hello there.
I have a 600W PSU from LC Power.
It is the LC600H-12 V2.31 model.
It has 2 rails of 20A so i guess 20A+20A=40A ?
Also I'm thinking to crossfire R9 270 with this PSU. I have one MSI R9 270 and planing on getting another one. So what do you think? Will it work?
The PSU has all the connectors that I need (1x 6 pin & 1x 6+2 pin)
My other specs are:
FX 6300 (stock speed), 4 GB RAM (getting 16), 500GB HDD.
Here is the picture of the side of PSU:
With my calculations it should work but i just wanna ask you to be shure.
CPU max= 150W maybe
1 GPU max= 170W, so 2 GPUs= 340W or 350W
and HDD and fans maybe 20W ?? :D
Total = 520W ? :D
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  1. Not good idea. Your psu isn't a good quality.
    I would trust the power supply than your one to do R9 270 crossfire:
  2. Best answer
    If you're going to crossfire, you're going to want at least 700W-750W. See this:,8.html

    I don't know about the quality level of your current PSU, but according to spec it will handle a single 270. I wouldn't recommend crossfiring 270s though - it's not worth it. Better to save up and upgrade to a better single card, or at least a better card for the first half of your crossfire. I would recommend getting a PSU from Tier 3 or higher from the list below.
    1-5 Power Supply Tier List to dottorrent ^^See also:,3979-8.html,3762.html
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