Upgrading from an IDE HDD to a SATA SSD and HDD

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My computer's currently running with a 40GB IDE HDD which was taken from an old Dell that was cannibalized. I've got a 500GB SATA HDD that isn't currently hooked up (although it is still in the case; hooking it up would be as easy as plugging it back in). It's been in the case for quite a while now; since around Christmas, I'd say. It's unplugged because my computer would regularly "forget" it was connected at all. My original plan was to replace the stone-age IDE drive with the SATA, but since it wasn't routinely recognized by the computer I had to use the IDE as a boot drive (and still am).

After a while, I gave up mucking around with the SATA drive all together and bought an external HDD that I've been using for storage and games. It recently occurred to me that the problem with that might be lack of power so I bought a new power supply which I'm going to put in later this evening. I also just bought a 120GB SSD that I'm looking forward to replacing the IDE drive with. That will be added later, when the power supply (750 watts, for the record; upgrading from 500) goes in.

My ideal setup, after the part-swapping, will be: SSD as a boot drive (obviously) where I'll keep more-frequently-played games and whatnot, and the SATA HDD as storage for everything else (assuming the power supply was actually the problem and it decides to let the computer recognize it) and getting rid of the IDE entirely.

My question is this - What needs to be done to prepare my computer for the SATA SSD?

Do I need to change any BIOS settings? I'm pretty sure I didn't do anything with them when I installed Windows, but there was a document on the maker's website (that I can't seem to find again, of course) that made specific mention of AMD users making sure to do something in particular. I'm just curious because I'm not currently using a SATA drive, so it seems logical (to my ignorant mind) that I might need to change a setting or something of that sort. The I have a driver for it that came from the maker's website but I'm not sure it would do any good to install that now, on the IDE drive. I assume that gets installed after the drive is running the OS.
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    In the BIOS change to AHCI mode. When installing an OS, only have the SSD plugged in.
  2. Thanks very much, Suztera. It took me a few minutes to find the option in the BIOS, but once it was set to AHCI everything went smoothly. Thank you again, mate.
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