Can you install Win 8.1 64 bit and dual boot when it already has 32 bit 8.1 installed?

My new system has Win 8.1 32 bit installed but some of the software I run can only use 64 bit.

Is it possible to install 8.1 again and have it give me the option to dual boot? I don't want to have to reinstall everything I have just to use 64bit
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    1. You'd have to buy a whole new Win 8.1 license. You can't use the 32 and 64 at the same time with the same license.
    2. The 64bit system would be limited to whatever software you have installed on it. You can't also use the applications installed in the 32bit environment.

    Might be time to bite the bullet and reinstall everything in a 64bit environment.
  2. Thank you. I appreciate the quick reply.
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