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I am planning to upgrade a SL510 with a new SSD, I am going to use this laptop until I get a new one next year. I want an SSD because my old HDD almost died with information that I didn't want to loose. Is it advisable for me to buy an SSD and install it onto the next laptop to preserve work? or should I just buy a usable HDD for one year's use, and then somehow migrate my data onto the new laptop's storage? I am on a budget, and I want to get a 256GB and up SSD or 100GB and up HDD because I'm not going to use the HDD much. Please help!
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    Crucial MX100 is the best bang for buck 256gb ssd money can buy right now. There was a deal for it at 89.99 new i think last week.

    Google for "Acronis True Image how to clone drive". You can literally make a "clone" drive of your current hard drive and swap the SSD as if nothing happened... its quite amazing. Also btw Crucial MX100 comes with a FREE Legal copy of the software too lol.
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