should i upgrade my cpu mobo and case or my gpu first?

I have
MOBO: msi 970A-G43
Case: Zalman Z5 plus ( i hate it terrible cable management)
GPU: Geforce GTX 760 2GB
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    The best option is to upgrade your CPU's motherboard than the GPU. Because you will have more space for the GPU when you the motherboard and the case. :)
  2. whats the goal of upgrading?
  3. popatim said:
    whats the goal of upgrading?

    better graphics and fps, be able to record with high quality and frames, and the case is just for looks, and better management because this one is horrid
  4. The 760 has a hardware capture card built in. Its called shadowplay which will free up quite a bit of your cpu if you were using a software capture solution.
  5. Totally upgrade the CPU and motherboard the GPU you have is the same one i have but i have the 4gb with ACX cooling. And if you upgrade the cpu and motherboard you will have more room for more gpu's in the future :)!
  6. And if you want better fps you need to keep the build even and not to strong of a gpu that will over heat the board and cpu. So cpu and motherboard is what i would do.
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