h80i high temps!!

i bought an h80i just two days back replacing my old cooler master tx3 evo cooler push pull config
on i5 3570k on stock clocks. so today i firstly tested the h80i on stock clocks here were the results(ambient room temp around 30 cel)
stock clocks 3.8ghz
ideal cpu temp around 38 on all cores(real temp)
on full load under 85 on all cores (averages on 80)
(using prime95 small fft)

i uninstalled it removed the pre applied thermal paste on water block clean my cpu then applied some of thermal paste i had installed h80i again and no luck again same temps so i
then uninstalled it again and installed my tx3 evo back and same temps with this cooler too ideal 40 and load around 80

so what do you guys think is there something wrong with my h80i should i return it or not?
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  1. Hmmm...... Rma it. Are the fans installed properly. Are you using the right mounts?
  2. Sounds scout right.
    Closed loop liquid coolers aren't as good as people think.
    A top end air cooler will work better and cost less.

    The H80 is a VERY cheap system...
    I paid more for my 120mm rad alone than an entire H80i.
    Likewise a good pump alone is $100, and a copper cpu block over $100.
  3. pcbuilder123
    fans are installed in push pull config pushing air inside the case from the back as recomended by corsair
    yes the mounts are right ones for lga 1155
  4. Hmmm..... Are you sureyou are tightening it down all the way? Make sure it is 1155 and not an older socket. Also, in what way are you installing thermal paste? What paste? Put a small dab size of a grain of rice or a pea in the middle and put on the cooler. No need for spreading it, the pressure will take care of it. Are the tubes bent in any way? This is the type of thing corsair is responsible for. Just call them and they'll send a new unit.
  5. yes i hav throughly checked everything the backplate is tight the screws are tight.
    i hav an i5 3570k so it is lga 1155 i am sure of that. i hav applied just as you said pea sized on th cpu and let it spread by itself through the pressure of the block. thermal paste is cooler master ic value.
    tubes are a litlle bent beacuse i hav a haf 912 case and asus maximus v gene motherboard so there is a little distance between the radiator and the cpu so the tubes are bent. and there is another thing whenever i hav removed the water block from the cpu ihav noticed that the thermal paste has not spreaded properly maybe due to not in proper contact but i hav thorougly checked every screw is tight and block is right in center.
  6. Hmmm... Strange. What are the temps? The software you are using may not be right. For example one software showed me my cpu idled at 16 degrees celsius on air cooling which was very wrong while another showed me it was at 35 which was right. How are you measuring temps?
  7. real temp and corsair link and asus ai suite but i read it somewhere that real temp is the most accurate.
    and another thing i dont feel anythiing from the pump while it is running on corsair link it shows pump rpm but icnt feel any thing
  8. Best answer
    Hmmm... download hwmonitor and tell me the temps. Maybe just rma it
  9. Pcbuilder123 said:
    Hmmm... download hwmonitor and tell me the temps. Maybe just rma it

    temps in hw monitor
  10. Your temps are great! Motherboard and cpu are running cold! Just download intel burntest, let it run and post another pic.
  11. Pcbuilder123 said:
    Your temps are great! Motherboard and cpu are running cold! Just download intel burntest, let it run and post another pic.

    here you go and its the stock clocks on h80i looks like somethings wrong its near 88 celcius now
  12. Hmm... you do max at 85 degrees... In your bios are your settings alright? Go to the bios. The voltages might be wrong. Reset the bios settings.
  13. yes i hav already set the settings at optimized defaults!!
  14. i am going to rma it thankss for your help bro!! :)
  15. Sure man, atleast you have a hyper 212 in the meantime hmm
  16. yo b4 you rma it try prime95 vs 26.6 and tell me your temps. the newest versions of prime95 use avx2 instructions causing it to really get worked. my temps for new prime95 is 78c with h100i on 4790k and 59c with 26.6 at 1.2v
  17. the h80i should outperform most aircoolers look at this chart
    and also did you make sure the notches on the backplate of h80i are aligned properly they should be facing the top, some people also add rubber washers to the backplate for a more snugg fit, it may help on some thinner motherboards but i have never done it b4.
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