would memory speed makes a big differences in gaming in the AMD A series card if i am not using their integrated graphics?

HI, I know that the DDR3 speed make a big differences in gaming when using the AMD A-series CPU, since the integrated graphics is using that memory too, currently I only have 2 4 GB DDR3 1333 (8 GB total) in dual channels plus the 10-6800K, and I was told DDR 1333 it is too slow to use with its 8670D integrated graphic and that it would bring the fps way down when playing graphics intensive games, and I need to get at least DDR3 1866 and DDR3 2133 is perferred...

But if I turn off integrated graphics and only use a discrete video card, would the the DDR3 1333 then have much less impact on gaming and that I don't have to rush out and get a new set of memory? How much differences would getting a faster DDR3 make , and is it necessary for me to upgrade my DDR3 1333, if I am just using my own discrete video card?
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  1. No, the faster memory is only of major importance gaming when some of it is used as VRAM. If you are using a discrete card, the difference in RAM speed is somewaht less important. Having said that, I believe that APU's memory controller is capable of handling DDR3-2133. Moving from 1333 MHZ to 2133 might make a noticeable difference in some games and other activity though.
  2. Hmmm.. do you think it likely that it would still be noticeable even though not used as VRAM? hmmm maybe i can try OC it to 1600 for now..
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    I've run my A10-6800K on 1333MHz, 1600MHz, 1866MHz and 2133MHz with satisfactory results on the last 2 specs.

    The APU's built in GPU memory is shared with your system memory and the way it operates, it seems to like 1866 and 2133(sometimes higher) frequencies. The key numbers here are the frequencies and not the internal timings.

    For the sake of reference, you could populate the dimms with DDR3-2133MHz @ C15 as well same frequencies @ C9 and yet not be able to tell the difference between the two.

    However since we are talking about a FM2+ or FM2 mobo we have to assume that all boards of this socket will not allow you to change memory timings but only frequencies. Most of the reviews show the use of 1600MHz kits when using an APU system with a dedicated GPU but honestly that sort of practice would be...impractical since you would net better results gaming wise if you moved towards;
    Intel G3258+H81 board+DDR3(8/16GB)1600MHz(with tight timings) kit and see better results than the APU route.
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