New Build PC, No Boot, no beep, no screen HELP!

I've just built my first PC. When I turn it on, everything lights up, fans on, BUT there is no beep. Also, I'm using a LCD TV, there is no boot screen. I've tried HDMI and VGA, no screen.

My motherboard has a counter, it says AE after I start it.

i5 Intel 4690k
Mobo: gigabyte ga-z97x ud5h
VGA sapphire r9 290
PSU corsair cs750m
SSD Samsung 250gbMEM 4Gx2|GSKILL ram

I'm very sure everything is connected properly. Can anyone help?
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    sounds like a faulty graphics card .. make sure its seated in the pci slot properly
  2. I tried the HDMI on the mobo, doesn't work either. Its seated btw
  3. did you remove your graphics card when you tried mobo? if not try that because if theres a graphics card in you wont be able to use on board graphics
  4. it could be a ram issue too have you got matched ram ? take it out and use 1 stick at a time
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