PC display does not turn on after being connected to Win 8 laptop

Hello, so I have a PC and a Windows 8 Asus laptop. I recently connected the external display to the laptop and when I connected it back to the PC, it does not turn work anymore (No signal).

The display is definitely plugged in to a power supply and connected to the PC. If I connect back to the laptop, it works. I tried making it the primary monitor on the laptop but none of the settings work.

Help please
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    Did you connect it back to the same port that you had it in before? Double check.

    Some people mix up their motherboard ports and graphics card ports.
  2. ^ Agreed.
    Also check that the monitor is on the right input signal for the cable you are using to connect it to the GPU.
  3. Hey, yes that was exactly the problem...the port was the wrong one.

    Solved now!
  4. Great! :D
  5. Murphy's Law also says I can't be wrong all the time.
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