Should upgrade SSD for my gaming rig?

Hey all!
Currently i have used SSHD 500gb for OS and storage. Most time playing steam games
just asking should i upgrade add another SSD for os or just upgrade bigger size
SSHD... thanks all!
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    Not really necessary unless your current SSHD is getting full, generally I have an SSD dedicated for my OS and basic programs. Before I went dual EVO's, my setup was; Kingston 3k 240GB for boot, and the single 840 EVO for games. I had 2 1TB Seagate cuda's in raid 0 for rendering and photo-handling. Now I just have 2 Samsung 840 EVO's doing it all, gaming and holding my pics and render projects(they are of course regularly backed up, striping still means losing all your data on 2 disks if one fails xD).

    TL;DR: Dedicated SSD for OS = quick OS boot time. Dedicated SSD for gaming = great map and transitional load times. Keep your old SSHD as back-up unit for important files, pictures, videos.
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