Does a GeForce GT 730 work fine with a Core 2 Duo?

My PC is a Dell Optiplex 780 Minitower
4 GB of RAM
I'm not sure whether the PSU is enough for the GPU though?
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    If it is the mini tower version it has 305 watts that should be sufficient.
  2. Do you believe the specs are enough for Average gaming?
  3. The card is not very strong but if you could go GTX750 or 750Ti it would work fine especially if you have core2quad CPU.
  4. ive got a GT730 and it is not bad , but remember to get the DDR5 version , the DDR3 is simply shit , if you OC the DDR5 version you can get close to R7 250 (bandwidth excluded) , the gt730 is a low profile card so don't expect high quality gaming on it but you can get low-medium in most new games at 720p quality , btw the r7 250 is in the same price range so you can get that if you find it there
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