Should I buy Extra Case fans?

I'm getting a Factual R4 with a GTX 770 Super clocked..are the stock fans good enough or should I buy extra?
Keep in mind I'm on a tight budget so I don't wanna get anything unnecessary.
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  1. I would get two extra fans and mount them on the top vents blowing out. Enermax makes good fans that are fairly quiet and relatively cheap.
  2. I haven't actually got the case yet but apparently it comes with 2 fans. As for my room temp no higher than 70 degrees and I usually have my AC when it gets to 80 since I hate the heat.
  3. Overclock or no overclock? And what are your CPU/PSU?
  4. I might overclock my GPU. My CPU is i5 4960K(with hyper evo 212 fan), my PSU is Cooler Master V650
    and I'm not against getting fans a little bit later but for now will I need the extras?
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    For that I would use one front intake and one exhaust fan, at least 120 mm, and a top intake fan. If you do not overclock CPU it should be enough.
  6. Alright so just buy one fan. Thanks!
  7. Remember to pick the best solution.For me its just a way to show gratitude.
  8. I would mount the cooler blowing towards the top of the case and have a fan on the top exausting out. An intake fan in the front. That should be a good start. Next chance you get. You can add another top exaust.
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