Sharing 1 graphics card across multiple guests or machines

With advances in graphics cards today we now know it's possible to share 1 graphics card across multiple guests and machines with products such as the Nvidia Grid hosting many different OS/VMs/Machines simultaneously.

Because I'm not in a position to buy a Nvidia Grid K1 graphics card that can cost upwards 1500-2000 dollars I was wondering if there was a cheaper alternative.

Many people I might have asked in the past usually end the conversation here and tell me flat out no, but that's hard to imagine and when I pursue my curiosity further I read about different individual's experience where they've successfully modified their existing consumer grade graphics cards such as a GTX690 to have the sharing capabilities that of a Nvidia Grid K2 card.

I was eager to ask the said individual further about his success in doing so and what the limitations there might have been if any. Sadly that's why I'm here asking an open forum because I was not able to get a hold that individual and so I'm left with a success story without any reasons to that success.

I would really love to know if there was anyone here that could help shed light on how someone goes about taking a graphics card that doesn't natively support the ability to share itself among more than 1 host simultaneously.
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    People who told you flat out no are right. If such cards can be modified to be shared on the multiple machines they wouldn't be so cheap. And lets say if you succeed in doing so how are you gonna get that graphic card to work on such PC's with 3 gb memory or even 2 gb memory. And not to be rude or anything but if you download that pdf file which list specs and info about it it requires a load of power and then to utilize that graphic card on machines you need a prettygood rig too so we are talking about more dollars here. Now all you are thinking is to put all that work on a little graphic card that can only run game like watch dogs so barely. Just think about it, people like nvidia and amd although think about themselves first but they also need to sell their products so if they made a card like 1000 dollars worth there is a reason.
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