Trying to reach 5GHZ FX 4130

As of right now 1:30PM Eastern...

I have 4.6ghz stable i can go up to 4.8 stable but ive yet to even try 5. Would this be safe?

Mobo asrock 970 pro3 r2.0--- NB 1.2250v-- stock is 1.2000
cpu fx4130 @ 4.6--- 1.4v core---
Psu Evga 80+ bronze 500W
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    I don't recommend it.

    Also, keep in mind that unless you have an awesome cooler it probably will just reach the max temperature and auto throttle down.

    Going from 4.8GHz to 5GHz is also a theoretical 4% increase that in reality you will likely never reach. Even if you managed 2% and were completely CPU bottlenecked in a game that would enable you to go from 50FPS to 51FPS.

    Also the NOISE goes up quite a bit, but if you want to try go ahead. The worst you're likely to do is kill your CPU... though I strongly suggest you have a surge protector as a minimum protection just in case (your PSU has protection circuitry as well).

    *On a final note, achieving a huge overclock for an hour, and sustaining it for weeks is a different story. Either the CPU or Motherboard could die in that case, or at least they're much more statistically likely to do so.
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