Busted GPU, or monitor problem?

My monitor has been displaying these errors following gaming for the past couple of weeks. If I give up and come back the next day, they're gone. Here's a video showing what it looks like: http://

It's essentially a bar down a third of my screen that distorts everything downwards. Is this a GPU fault or something monitor-based? Any help will be much appreciated.

i5 3570k
8GB 1600MHz
ASUS GTX 650 Ti (non-boost)
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    I would recommend borrowing a display from a friend or whomever, and try to repeat the issue on it. If the issue reappears on another display, it's the card, if not, it's the display.
  2. Try a different display. If it doesn't work, GPU is done for. ASUS isn't too good at making GPU's by the way, Sapphire is though.
  3. Thanks for the help. Turns out the monitor was dead. At least it was the less expensive one (and I use a dual display, so I have another!).
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