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Recently my GPU has a small problem I can not solve, while I play, my CORE CLOCK decreases gradually and only when taking back the power to the notebook or click alt + tab, I created a log with GPU-Z to make you understand my problem

PS: Im playing in a notebook, and i try to change the option Adaptable to Maximum Perfomance

Thank u! And sorry about my english :/

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  1. The GPU is getting too hot. It's dialling back the core clock to try to reduce temperatures.
  2. I do not think that is the temperature, since it is a laptop: p
  3. Laptops are designed to reduce the core clock in high heat.
    Unlike dedicated GPU cards, MGPUs dont have a cooling system capable of keeping it stable for extended gaming.

    You have it at max performance, meaning you're stressing the thermal limit of your GPU, and therefore it is clocking down to prevent overheat and possibly a burn.
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    Gustavo Silva said:
    I do not think that is the temperature, since it is a laptop: p

    It's getting over 90'C, it's defiantly throttling to reduce the temps. Laptops often have this problem, try using a cooling pad.
  5. u r right guys, its a temp problem, i fix this, i just clean the cooler! Thanks! PS: i ll by a coolling pad
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