My Western Digital Caviar Black 2 TB capacity does not change even when put some files on it !!

I have Western Digital Caviar Black 2 TB SATA III WD2002FAEX .
I noticed today whatever files I put on it the capacity still the same "the free space is always 1.02TB.
I put 5 gigabytes to see and it still "the free space is 1.02TB.
I connect it via asmedia sata on my motherboard ASUS P8Z77 .

What is wrong with it?
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    that 0.02 still represents 20gb so put something larger than 10 and you should see an decrease of 0.01 , i mean from 1.02 to 1.01 , but to see it more precisely go to the disk properties before and after the file transfer
  2. you are right jenojaxx
    how stupid I am :)
  3. Glad i could help.
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