I want a new headset could you help me choose?

so I am looking for a new gaming headset i dont need to be able to pcik up foot steps especcialy well but it would be good if that was possible. I do not have a budget so i just want the best possible headset i do not care about the weight and i do not mind if it is wireless or wired but i would preffer it to be wired. It also needs to have a good quality mic. Anyway any suggestions would be great i ahve been looking at the siberia elite v1/v2 and the astro a50s/a40s and i have also been looking at the razer tiamat/kraken 7.1. so as i said any suggestions would be great! thankyou in advance!
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    The reviews on these seem really good:

    But personally I was considering getting this to save myself some money:

    I've had good experiences with E-3lue's mice and thought I'd give their headsets a try, not to mention the reviews are mostly positive and it doesn't break the bank
  2. Hey so recently my friend bought a Turtlebeach P12's since we record videos together the last time i hear the sound off his and the quality off the mic is amazing i would recommend this if you want real gaming headsets
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