Core 2 duo with a radeon hd 5670

I am wondering if my Core 2 duo is powerful enough to power my radeon hd 6570. Do I need to get a quad core? If it does not have enough power, what should I do about it? Im not really looking to spend that much money on a new cpu, but if it can help me run GTA IV at more than 30 fps, that would be great. Please help and let me know if it isnt powerful ennough to power my gpu, thanks guys
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  1. What Core 2 duo do you have? they made many of them. As long as it is above the E4500 then you should be able to run that game at 30 FPS but no guaranty's that you will have more than medium graphics settings.
  2. That is a pretty low end card. You should be fine with just about any C2D. But as far as gaming at 30 fps+ in GTA, that would depend on your monitor's resolution and the in-game settings you choose.
  3. Hello, my intel core 2 duo is a E7300 @ 2.67ghz.
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    Hi mate
    yes,that will be fine .... even though the core 2 duo,s are now classed as legacy products they should be more than capable of running GTA4 at 30fps .... however it also depends on what core 2 duo you have ... for example the E8400 and E8500 sku,s are some of the best c2d,s and combined with the HD6570 should be able to run GTA4 on medium detail and acheive 30+fps ( with games for windows update applied )
    however if its a E6400 or E6600 then you may still be able to run GTA4 at medium but the fps will drop to around 25 frames per second .. this is still playable but you should be able to hit 30fps by disabling v-sync and lowering the draw distance ...
    that said you can get " core 2 quads" for around £30 these days .. for example the "Q6600" can be snapped up for just £22 from and this can still run many of the latest games and can be overclocked to 3.2ghz with some simple changes in the bios
    however if you do buy the Q6600 or any other core 2 quad check that your motherboard supports it ... even though the socket designation may be the same does not mean it will support all lga775 processors ... its the chipset thats the important factor ...
    hope this helps mate ....
    good luck !
  5. That CPU will be fine for that game. you could actually go up to a HD 5850/6850 or so before a major bottleneck would start to happen with that CPU.
  6. Thanks man, when I run GTA IV on low, i get about 15-25 fps. I am beginning to wonder if this is my cpu causing this because my psu is only 300w, could it be my psu??
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