Just bought a Gigabyte GeForce GTX 780 Ti WindForce 3X OC but...

My monitor is Acer 1440x900 and i don't wanna buy another one, at least not now
So i'm gonna stick with this monitor for few months but the problem is :

The GPU doesn't support the cable which comes from the monitor as it's very old
So, can i buy another cable or i will have to buy a new Monitor ?

The cable which i have...

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  2. I spent all my money on the GPU as it's the main thing for gaming
    The monitor which i have has VERY AMAZING colours and i like everything in it
    I saw lot of my friends' monitors which are 1080p and it was never like mine idk how
    I also can't see big difference between the 1080p and 900p and i think it's not worth it
    I'm also gonna get better FPS with this monitor and if not now then when the new game come out
    Thank You, i never knew that there is something like that xD
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