Installed windows 8.1 now stuck on preparing automatic repair!! Help

So this is a new build I was having problems with my old hd and trying to use my old copy of windows I was informed that you need a fresh OS install so I bought a copy of windows 8.1 installed it on another 80gb hd and was going to use the old 500gb hd as a "slave" drive. Windows installed fine once I switched bios to windows 8 the CPU was running fine then I attempted to download league of legends to my D(slave) drive and right after it finished installing my CPU crashed and now I can't get it to boot it keeps saying automatic repair and I have unplugged the slave drive please help!!!
Ga990fx ud3 mobo
Amd fx8350 vishera CPU
Rose will 650w psu
Amd r7 graphics card (forget which one it's old)
I am running 5 fans with 2 splitter cables
In a antec 900 cases
Any and all advice is much appreciated thx in advance
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  1. Also sometimes when I am trying to enter bios I get a black screen and have to restart I'm thinking it's a mobo problem
  2. Error code 0xc0000178 now need some advice I'm running out of ideas I took everything apart except the CPU and tried rebooting and I went through the boot troubleshooting forum still nothing
  3. Check to see if you have a UEFI setting in you storage configuration of your MB, If so trying changing the different
    modes and see if that helped. Had the same problem and this fixed it.
  4. I will try this when I get home ty
  5. I have tried all the different Uefi settings and I'm still having problems sometimes I get stuck on the mobo logo and sometimes it tried to boot windows and crashes sometimes it tries to do automatic repair
  6. Seems to be a problem with the ram
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