EP45-UD3P Raid-0 lost on BIOS flash

Hey all, I just flashed the BIOS of my EP45-UD3P MB only to find that it deconstructed my RAID-0 Array involving two Seagate SATA drives. I was in the process of re-tracking my system with Windows 8 and went ahead with the installation on an SSD, deciding to try to reconstruct the RAID later.

The Problem: Is two-fold.

1. The array has been deconstructed and I'm hoping to rebuild it without data loss.

2. I can no longer hit cntri-i during boot in order to access the Gigabyte raid interface. It seems the windows 8 logo has disabled this portion of the boot process.

Both drives should still be healthy but I'm just not sure where to go from here as I don't want to corrupt or erase the data if I can avoid doing so.

If anyone can offer an insight or advice I would be eternally grateful.

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    Managed to figure it out. The flash reset the IDE setting in the BIOS. Once switched back to RAID I was able to rebuild the array and then back up the Data.
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