I cant tell this the cpu temp is bad. i5-4670@3.40ghz

Hey all. I am new to computers, I was previously a strict console gamer, so my knowledge of this stuff is not so great. Anyway, I had a new computer build recently (I myself did not build it, for fear of messing something up). To make a long story short, I'm kinda worried if my CPU temp is to high.
When I am using the internet, watching YouTube, and have steam running, my temp is usually around 35-41C. But sometimes it randomly jumps to 50-55 when still doing the same stuff. Just today I left it on to download while I was at work with no games running, came home and checked, and the highest it spiked was 62C, is that bad?. When running Bio Shock Infinite on ultra i was avg about 50-67. all in all, im just wondering if those temps are to high for what I'm doing?, will it harm my CPU in the long run if they keep like that?. Sorry to sound Newbie, I'm just concerned.

Temp recorder I am using is real temp.
pc specs
Intel Core i5-4670, 3.4ghz
GPU:AMD Radeon r9 280 OC 3GB
RAM: corsair vengence 16GB
Case: nzxt H440

Im using the stock CPU fan(i was told i dont need a aftermarket cooler since im not going to OC my cpu)

Sorry if I did not provide enough info, I apologize in advance, like I said, I'm new to this stuff
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  1. Those temps are fine. I jump up to 65 C myself, it's nothing to worry about, especially not on haswell.
    Your CPU withstands anything till 101C until throttling occurs.
  2. Ok thanks for the input. Better to be safe than sorry :D
  3. anything above 65 is a bit to high, the max temp a 4670 can reach is 72.72 celsuius
  4. Hmm, it seems that I have reached that high already. Should i consider grabbing a aftermarket cooler?. I hear the hyper 212 evo is a good option.
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    You don't NEED an aftermarket cooler, but the cooler you can keep your CPU, the happier it will be. The Hyper 212 EVO is a fine cooler and is inexpensive. Your current temps are fine. Even running it into the 80s during stress testing won't hurt your chip, but you don't want it running that high during normal prolonged use.

    Edit: I might add that keeping temps below 70, even during stress testing is ideal. Here's a good thread post describing the various temps in a CPU, their relationship to eachother, and their relevance to you. It's referring to an overclocked 4670K, but it's still relevant.
  6. LookItsRain said:
    anything above 65 is a bit to high, the max temp a 4670 can reach is 72.72 celsuius

    It can reach much higher, 72C is what intel means is max. healthy for the CPU. However, I don't think anyone ever ran into cpu melting problems at that point, the cpu throttles before that and it trottles at 105C.
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