r9 with an a10

Ok Im Running an a10 build but im in the process of upgrading to an fx. Im buying an r9 280x to go in the new build but until I can afford the new mobo and processor can I run the r9 with my a10?
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  1. yes you will just be cpu bottlenecked with some AAA games
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    Yes. Also, if you're running an A10-7850k, consider not upgrading. The 7850k's per-core, clock cycle performance is better than anything in the FX series. If you don't have that though, I wouldn't recommend upgrading to the FX series. Try for an Intel series CPU instead. It has a much better upgrade path and you might as well since you're getting a new motherboard and CPU. If you have a Microcenter in your area, you can score a $240 i5-4690k for $200. If you're spending less, go for an i3-4150 ($130) or an i3-4130 ($125) instead, both of which should be cheaper than the aforementioned prices at microcenter. It still beats an FX-6300 in most games and will allow you that much sweeter upgrade path.
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